Monday, April 7, 2014

Stew Dixon Creates Compelling and Unique Songs on His Release of The Animals

Stew Dixon may be young, and may not be on the top of radio charts, but if you listen to his latest release “The Animals” you very well may think he’s on his way. Mixing equal parts Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, and a bit of modern rock and folk, this young songwriter from Ireland is doing something that others aren’t, he’s creating eclectic music. The music on his latest work is stripped down, to the point, acoustic in nature and sounds quite amazing.

You will get that taste of the Celtic roots as he strums and sings through this record, and really is something to behold. Not since I first heard Dashboard Confessional, have I heard something played quite well, with so much passion and emotion. It’s simple here, and that’s ok, you don’t need to have bombastic delivery, you simply need one man, a guitar and a heart. If you are a fan of modern rock, you will definitely find that this acoustic EP fits so well with what’s being promoted on rock radio today. Mumford & Sons would easily have this guy open up and fans would enjoy the mix of finger strumming and thriving vocals.

Often times when you get an EP you don’t get fluidity in sound design, but that’s not what you get here. With the tracks, “The Animals”, “The Times”, “Raise It Up”, and “Old Friend”, you get enough of a workspace to enjoy Dixon’s signature style. It’s an EP that really is meant to be listened to as a whole, instead of just a few songs and then forgotten. Too many other artists only put out their best single and a bunch of throwaway tracks on an EP, which is why I like Dixon’s “The Animals” so much better. It’s eclectic, warm, and heartfelt, the way music should be.

Check out more information on Stew Dixon, his release “The Animals” and his many performances via Facebook here.

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