Monday, April 28, 2014

The Chariot Unleashes All Out Chaos on The Fiancée

In 2007, I was in a different place in my life. I didn’t pick up The Chariot’s release back then. I was living in Seattle, Wa, married and unhappy. I was fighting off my depression in any way I could and was not getting much support. A lot of my happiness that was in music faded, and I didn't listen to as many releases as I wanted to. Instead, I was listening to podcasts, talk radio, and reading a lot of books that seemed to point towards communism. It was a low point, but I fought on because that’s what you’re told to do by the church or cult of Mars Hill, that I was involved with at the time.

Now in 2014, I’m sitting at home and listening to all my old records, and this one is definitely a triumph of hardcore and metal fusion in a lot of ways. The Chariot’s “Fiancée” unleashes one of the best hardcore records I have ever listened to in my life. Taking what chaotic elements Training For Utopia, Dillinger Escape Plan, and even Refused had, and turning them into a blender of noise and insanity is what you get with this Chariot release.

The lyrics are impressive, pointing towards an incredibly perplex onslaught of emotional connections, disconnections and sonic rhythms that are screamed and sung in unison over guitar and drums that are nothing short of a Basquiat painting. From the opening track of “Back To Back” through “They Faced Each Other”, and all the way to the “The Trumpet” you get a sense for the holy noise that is brought forth from this band that was fronted by the former singer of Norma Jean.

Fans of chaotic hardcore, and even post hardcore will be glad to go back and listen to this one because it’s ever so relevant. From the breaking points, to the drums that don’t stop firing off, and the guitar work that may not be “mathematically” sound, you get a wall of noise that floods your headphones and speakers with enough chaos to set you free from any stress you may have. For me, this is home, this is a warm blanket and a friendship I don’t have in real life. An escape from the intangibles of life, and it’s all thanks to the music presented on this 2007 release. 7 years old, and it feels new.

I highly recommend picking up The Chariot’s “The Fiancée” here, and listening to it one more time. It’s a good overall hardcore and metal record that hinges on the post hardcore world like a cousin of Refused.

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