Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crowe Drops One of The Best Independent True Rock Records of 2014

When it comes to rock, there’s a lot of genre shifting. Crowe definitely has a lot of monikers that you can throw at them, but one thing is for sure, they are staying true to the core rock formula that introduced the world to an alternative to the jazzy sounds for the 1930s and 40s. This is like a time capsule to the birth of rock, classic or not, “Crowe 2.0” puts on a display of true rock sounds that you will be hard-pressed to compare with other bands right now.

From the first moments of “Afterglow” through the rest of the 8 total tracks, you’re going to get hit with that distortion and bass that comes through the rock pathos that you’ve come to love today. It’s rare to hear an independent record with such heavy rock influence without trying to shift into all sorts of genres. This band doesn’t need that, it is rocking from the first track to the last, and it shows.

Some of the standout moments include “Afterglow”, “Swallow a Gun”, “liquid”, and “Unbreakable”. However, as is my custom, I listened to the whole record and can truly say that it’s a complete release with no need to pick a favorite. Often times, you’ll find yourself listening to one track more than others, but that’s going to be hard with this one, because they all pose a serious sound that you don’t get often. The vocals are solid, the guitars swell, and the bass drives you through what you would expect from pure rock music.

Out of all the rock bands you may have heard before, this is going to be one of the better solutions. It’s rare to hear a band play this sound so well and still be independent. I’m certain Crowe is going to get picked up by a label, the music is tight, well played rock music that doesn’t have any sort of pretense. It’s excellent. I recommend it.

You can learn more about Crowe, on their official website here. You can also download their album “Crowe 2.0” here, and see what pure rock sounds like today. I loved it.

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