Monday, April 28, 2014

LEL Brothas Roll Through Hip Hop Supremacy on The Epidemic and Beyond

I caught wind of LEL Brothas and was shocked that these guys aren’t bigger. They should be on the radar of every single person’s hip hop collection. I’m surprised with how the beats are done here, very clean, and to the point. The rapping is solid, rhyming through lyricism that you’d expect from the best MC’s in the game. You will sing along, bounce your head, and hit the switches on your low rider to the tracks on this record. From the intro which mixes news and media into a hip hop intro, to the track “The Drank Game” you get a feel for the sound that the LEL Brothas bring down with relative ease.

Things flow well through the first few tracks, and then track 6 starts to really triumph as “Killa Cali” drops with an emphatic flow that you’re going to be wanting to hear again and again and again. All in all, The Epidemic represents a very good record that you’ll find to be on par with anything that is being released in the mainstream right now. In fact, the beats and the diversity of the mc’s vocals are enough to make them one of the better duos I’ve heard in a while. You really get contrast here, which is not often seen with hip hop teams. The production is incredible as well, and definitely shows the power of the producers and dj’s on the recording.

LEL Brothas are going to be making moves soon, as they have a new record coming out, and they’ve been gaining fans around the world. They were featured in Rockband 3 with the track “Hatas”, and have the honor of being the First American hip hop group to play in Saudi Arabia. With their new album “Pandemic” coming out just around the corner, “The Epidemic” is a record that will be a good taste of what’s to come. Stand out tracks on their current release include “Hatas”, “Drunk In Da Club”, and of course my favorite “Killa Cali”.

Overall, there is a lot of talent represented here, and something that all hip hop fans should hear. You’ll be impressed with the way this record ducks, dives, and hits you with that iconic hip hop sound. Check out the official LEL Brothas website here, and watch out for their new record. For now, pick up their current release “The Epidemic” and see why these guys are destined to be a household name soon enough.

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  1. Possibly the hardest working band in the world. Truly appreciates their fans and they know it. The album is big time excellence. Stand Up!


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