Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monster #Tha Monster EP {14’} Shocks With Jazzy Good Times

My eye was red, I kept rubbing it like crazy underneath my glasses, while I turned on Monster’s latest release, #Tha Monster EP {14’}. With one eye open I managed to get the record to play, and then fell out of my chair as my eye kept bugging me. What greeted me, aside from my own body’s warning signs that I need to put some visine in them (I’ve been writing since 3 am today), was a mix of music that is definitely worth listening to. I was pleasantly surprised by the layered approach to the music here, which is a mix of classical introductions, audio sound clips, and beats that intrigue as much as please.

The compelling nature of the music here is mixed with what I can only label as hip hop, but it’s not really hip hop. Ok, it is, but it’s not. It’s not MURS rapping about mid-city, and it’s not SLUG talking about his depression, it’s something a bit left of center. It’s more jazz than anything else. It’s as though Monster has found a way to create layered jazz music, like you would expect from Tribe Called Quest, but in a very unique manner. This is not sampling in the traditional sense, and it feels very organic, amidst the speech and rapping for all I can muster up.

You’ll find that from the opening track, mixed with the sounds of rain and atmosphere, to “Boy W. No Name”, “Tenesha”, and even “Gyspy Gold” you get a sense of purpose from this artist that you don’t really get from a lot of other artists. The genre bending is very interesting, intricate, and yet it feels so much simpler than I can put into words. I found myself impressed with the sounds, production, and tracks that just seemed to flow with creative energy. This is not an ordinary release, and it’s this type of nuance that makes me a music fan. I recommend it, it’s very different, unique, and well put together. Monster’s #Tha Monster EP {14’} may in fact be the most unique thing I’ve heard this year. Check this record out here, and be amazed by the creativity, I can't put my finger on it, it's that good, check it out.

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