Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Giant The Artist Throws Down Some Sick Rhymes on HiberNation: The MixTape

If you’re following my reviews, you know I love a good hip hop record, and every week I seem to get word on more and more records being pushed out by people that are looking to top the previous releases that are getting popular, and here we go again, another release and another shot at the crown. Giant The Artist releases a mixtape that drops some incredible rhymes, and beats from Sinima Beats and I’m impressed. Blown away from the intro, to the drops and pieces from movies, television shows and more. Not since Esoteric and 7L released Czarface have I loved a record this much. I think it’s one of the best things to come out recently, and it is a tough contender, going hard in the paint. (Sorry, had to say it)

Giant The Artist’s flow on “HiberNation: The MixTape” creates a compelling flow from the start, dropping beats with samples that you swear are familiar, but are truly unique to this mixtape. The first thing that struck me was “Now or Never” an emphatic hit that should make any listener bounce and enjoy. Sinima really does well with the beats here, but more importantly, Giant The Artist comes through with flow that is just on point. From there, the tempo slows a bit but the words are poignant, going through feelings, thoughts, and bravado you would expect form rappers, but with a conscience from the past. You’re not getting the traditional, but rather an introspective approach that is definitely something to appreciate.

The mixtape flows really well, providing you with 16 tracks of hip hop glory that is hard to nail down. Stand out tracks include “Now or Never”, “Person I’ve Become”, “On My Own Grind”, “36 Hours” and more. This is a solid release, full of life and rhymes that are personal, and come through with positive mannerisms. This is a great entry, and you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Giant The Artist really progresses on this release, creating a stand out mixtape that should be heard by all hip hop fans. The beats are solid, the flow is not contrived, and everything comes together in a very good package. I recommend it, and it’s perhaps going to launch Giant The Artist to a bigger audience, he deserves it, especially with this one. Check out the limited edition mixtape HERE, and make sure you’re keeping an eye out for this up and coming rapper.

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