Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mark Morrison Returns With a Whole New Album of High Quality R&B

Mark Morrison has been one of the bestselling and most reversed British singers for quite some time. Just one search online for his music and you will be hit with remixes, releases, and a lot of collaborations that features his intricate vocal style. Mixing R and B and hip hop with pop sensibilities makes Morrison’s voice stand out amongst a lot of different singers today. With the release of “I AM What I AM”, you get 7 new tracks of great music. Early reviews have touted the music to be very good, and quite interesting.

One listen to the opening track and you’ll be hooked with the way the beats, production, and sound all work together to form a nice setup for Mark Morrison. It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from Morrison, but remember his single “Return of the Mack”, which was a highlight of my collection in the past. This latest release coming out in May is definitely worth a listen.

Stand out tracks include “I Am What I Am”, “My Life”, “Father Forgive Them”, and more. Even though it’s only 7 tracks, you get a good deal of music here. You will not want to miss this one, as Morrison definitely puts it down on this release. You’ll not only get that classic Morrison sound, but you will also get collaborations, and tunes that you will definitely want to listen to over and over again. This record also features Crooked I (Slaughterhouse), DMX, and more. You will not go wrong here.

If you’re a fan of hip hop, R and B and pop music, this is going to sit very well in your collection. The Mack is most definitely back here, as Mark Morrison creates an instant classic here. I was able to hear this one today, but you will need to order it from ITUNES (PRE-ORDER NOW), and enjoy a very good pop, hip hop, R and B crossover.

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