Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brothers From Above Us Is The Best Hip Hop Record I’ve Heard This Year

Believe me, I have heard a lot of hip hop records this year, and I have so many records to go through, that I sometimes miss out on posting the reviews here because I’m working on something else. This one blew me away from the first line and continued to represent some serious elements. Progress and Antidote bring down the house with incredible beats and more importantly, a flow that is shocking.

Listening to the lyrical assassination and combination of flows is impressive here, and the two are able to flow through sounds that are compelling, intrepid and just impressive to say the least. “BFAU” completely blew me away, and I was floored. Not since Murs and Fashawn have I heard a record with two rappers that can flow with such poetry and still maintain differences, and be united. Sure, Grouch and Eligh put a great record out, but Progress and Antidote rise above theirs this time around. I’m completely impressed with the production value up front, I didn’t expect that all.

I’ve been around the world of Christian music before, and when I was coming up in the record industry around 1999, the rappers weren’t very good. In fact, I heard more terrible rhymes in the name of Christ than anything else, and it was an awful time. Now? These conscience hip hop stars are on par with anything you’ll hear in the mainstream. Guys like Lecrae and Trip Lee may get big stadium shows, but these guys deserve that too.

“Them Jays (feat Wontel)” should be the next big radio hit in my opinion. I just got a new speaker system and was impressed with the sound design here, and the tracks just kept getting better and better. “My Friend Mic (feat ChrisRay)”, “Independence Day”, “Going Home (feat CST)” and “Mascot” all stand out fresh on my mind right now.

I’ve heard some terrible mc’s this year, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from “Brothers From Above Us” but was definitely surprised. This is talent, this is good music, this is real music with a message that is interesting. They don’t beat you up with doxology, they don’t try to force rhymes into their ideas, and they flow with a simplicity that you can’t possibly miss out on. This is awesome!

Check out “Brothers From Above Us” from rappers Progress and Antidote. The poise they have is stellar, their flow is smart, and while some may not want to see past the religious tone, you can’t deny these guys are pure talent. This is true hip hop, and for that, I am naming this record the BEST of 2014 so far. Get this, turn up the bass and listen up! I loved it. Check out the album by clicking HERE and support this record, they deserve it.

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  1. Yo! That's real talk! BFAU is an incredible project by some incredible brothas! Check them and their crew out at, and all over your favorite social media outlets! These brothas are so serious! #FlameStone


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