Monday, August 25, 2014

Olivier Zberg Creates The Soundtrack For Your Thoughts and Ideas on Nostalgia

When I was learning how to play piano, I thought that one day I could do something as incredible as what Olivier Zberg has created with the release of “Nostalgia”. I wanted to put my ideas into simple song, pieces for piano that could change the way a person felt, or inspire though, tears, or something else. I failed. I don’t know what happened, but I somehow left the music world only to return later on and then give up after my hands couldn’t take it. That frame of reference for me still gets inspiration from music that is stripped down, and showcased with true emotion and simplicity. The piano pieces found on “Nostalgia” are short, inspired, and artistic on levels that you will be absolutely surprised by.It's the kind of record that you are going to want to listen to again and again, or you will miss some of the notes. There's so much here, and yet it's so simple, one man, one piano and creativity waltzing through a lot of connections. It's the simplicity that shines so bright here, and yet it's so complex in the way each piece makes you feel upon listening.

These are short, sweet, and full of ideas that you will absolutely want to listen to over and over again. There’s dancing, there’s sadness, there’s joy, there’s peace. With each element, you get thrown back into a different time, different space. In the scope of the songs you think of movies that had artistic integrity, you think about your first love, your current crush, and stillness amidst life and death. There’s so much encapsulated within the many pieces that are found here.

It all feels like a letter. You open up a letter from a love, or a friend, and you read the stories that brought them to write. A novel well written, all done in the sounds of piano keys being pressed by expert hands. This is a record that has such a beautiful candor to it. It’s befitting of high art, and conceptualized within such inspiration that you’ll have a hard time fitting this into any one genre or box.

“Nostalgia” is the perfect piano record. It’s original, it’s iconic, it gets you to stop moving for a minute and think, reflect, laugh, cry, and meditate. Every track feels warm, interesting, and iconic. You’ll be hard pressed not to like this. I love it. Piano music done right, with a touch of class, It’s grand, listen to it, love it, and recommend it to a friend. This is simply wonderful.

You can listen to the record and purchase it as well through bandcamp here.

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