Thursday, August 21, 2014

Marshall Dane Connects All The Right Pieces On One Of These Days

Marshall Dane comes out swinging with his latest release “One of These Days” and it’s a powerful record from start to finish. The mix of country and rock is definitely felt with the opening track, and definitely catches you off guard. The opening song, “Take You Home to Mama” really is a powerful punch of a song, and it just gets better. It’s a hefty mix here, you get both country and rock themes, with a powerful pop sensibility that you don’t always get when you mix the genres. I haven’t heard a mix this well in a long time, and I’ve heard a lot of attempts recently.

The stand out opening track opens up to more with “Stay Up Late”, “One of These Days”, “Living It up”, “Why Can’t I Leave”, and more. The 12 songs that make up this record really flow well, and while I picked out those tracks in particular to mention, I can truly tell you that this is a record you want to listen through whole. I love the individual tracks, but there’s something absolutely compelling about the story telling found in Dane’s lyrics, mixed with the powerful rock infusion on each track. This is a rocking record, and while it does have firm roots in blues and country, it’s that rock guitar that really gets me every time.

The production values on “One of These Days” is what really stood out for me at first listen. As the record progresses, it becomes a grand record. It is going to be on repeat for a lot of people, myself included. Marshall Dane has a way with words, and the band comes through with pushing a good musical button. It’s a standout country/rock record that is definitely going to propel Dane to all new heights. You’ll want to listen to this one if you like the country, rock fusion. It goes well with a whiskey straight up, and an afternoon off the daily grind.

For more information on Marshall Dane, check out his official website here, follow via Twitter here, and check out facebook here. Oh and don't forget to check out the video below for a taste of the rocking music.

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