Friday, August 15, 2014

Heist International Unleashes A Killer Mixtape Worth Your Time

I’m always interested in hearing up and coming hip hop, and when I got a chance to sit down and listen to the latest from Heist International, I was floored. The latest release of “36” The Mix Tape is an incredible accomplishment. It’s 18 total tracks, nearly an hour of music, and it brings you through all sorts of moods, ideas, with an assault on the senses that will have you repeating the songs over and over again.

Often times hip hop mixtapes aren’t that well produced, but that’s not the case here. Heist International brings a well crafted, well recorded, and highly poignant release that features the best beats, a great slew of talented elements, and something that just makes you stop what you’re doing. You can’t really appreciate this while doing anything else, although, you could try. I had to stop and just listen several times while crafting this review, because the quality on the tracks brings a good and eclectic vibe to hip hop.

From the initial set up of “36 Meaning” to “Devil’s Daughter”, to “Juice” and much more, you get hit with a lot of intense points. You’ll definitely be repeating these tracks time and time again, especially when you hear some of the more intricate layers that are found here. There are moments where you can’t help but take a moment and pay attention to the rhymes.

I’m impressed with the recording style, the layered beats, the critical songs that don’t really pull punches, and the fact that this is nearly an hour of music and it all makes sense. There’s nothing here that doesn’t work, and that’s hard to do on a mixtape, at least recent ones that I’ve heard. You’ll find further stand out tracks include, “Understanding”, “Talk About Nothing”, “Elevators”, “Way Too Real” and more.

Overall, this is a solid release of hip hop, and it’s intricate throughout the tracks, and nearly an hour of music. It’ll be interesting to see how far Heist International goes, because as far as I’m concerned, they’re making good moves releasing high quality music like this.

Check out “36” The Mix Tape via Sound Cloud here. It’s worth your time.

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