Friday, August 29, 2014

Doug Briney Stomps Through One Great Country Record on Super Country Cowboy

There are a lot of country acts that try to put together music and most of it is awful. It’s one of the most oversaturated music genres, but when a star shines, they transcend the label and play music that is highly accessible beyond just the country moniker. That’s exactly what Doug Briney does on this record, which starts off with one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a while. “Super Country Cowboy” is funny, moving, and full of life. I found myself singing along by the second minute, and I’m not the biggest fan of country. There’s something to this, and I can even see myself doing a little dance to it in the shower, it has that kind of swagger, and yes, I amuse myself with these ideas. Briney’s flow of lyrics is iconic here, and it’s the type of song that is never going to leave your head once you start humming and singing along.

From the opener that just rocks hard, you get 8 more tracks (9 total) of country music and rock and roll gusto. Doug Briney puts together stories and songs that are as iconic as the Man in Black. Going on tangents of religion, love, loss, and fun, it’s an album that everyone will find something to love. It was in the song “I Get To” that life is really appreciated. Listening to the lyrics pulls at your heart, and you can’t help but be humbled by the lyrics. A tear welled up, it’s true, it’s true, the song is just powerful “I Get To” is my favorite of the songs, and you’re going to find it to be spectacular.

Whether you like country from the classic era, new alternative country, or you’re looking for something in between, you’ll find that Doug Briney puts through every style of song on this record and it pulls at the heart. “Super Country Cowboy” is beyond the genre, it’s something that touches the soul and that’s hard to do. I love it. Stand out tracks include the two aforementioned and, “Believe”, “The Money The Gun and The Bible”, “The Choices You Make”, and “I’m UP”, but this has some hits that you’ll come back to time and time again. For country fans this is a no brainer, for others, you’ll find something to love if you give it a chance. I love the lyrics, the story telling and music structure on this strong release from Briney.

Check out more from Doug Briney on his official website here.

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