Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9Yards Crushes Musical Genres With Way Less Effort

From the moment you first hear the sound that comes through on this hip hop mix, you will be floored. There’s an organic element to this that is just exciting to hear. Once you turn it up, you will be floored by the execution and production values that are layered throughout this release. The cuts and pieces are sewn together in a very interesting manner, leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s the kind of mix that you would expect to hear on the radio, if they still played good music.

From the moment you first turn on “Street Weight”, you get a feeling for an iconic, and impressive unifying hip hop mix. But it isn’t until you get to “Hey, Don’t Miss Out!” that you pick up on something that makes this classic. It’s a classic mix, and around the 1:00 minute mark you start to bounce a bit. I can already see myself using these tracks to skateboard through my streets with as they have a good mix to them and lays out emotional connections through the bass, keys, and organic material that you will be impressed with. Right when you think you got this one figured out, something new comes at you and you’re once again left with your jaw on the floor.

A close friend of mine makes beats, and another friend of mine owns a digital media record label, and their work doesn’t come close to this level of expertise. There’s something special here. I’m not sure what it is, but the way this flows just feels so much better than a lot of the hip hop tracks I’ve been forwarded lately. Within 4 tracks you will swear that you can hear your favorite rapper on blazing on the beats. “Champion Theme” for me would work great with MURS, but that’s just my opinion.

As far as instrumental albums are concerned, this is a gem for hip hop heads. 4 tracks of solid hip hop blending, and a solid sound that mixes the best parts of instrumentation, repetition, and creativity into one solid album. Pick up this record from 9Yards and you will be putting it on repeat as you flow through your creative phases. I for one am locking it down as one of the albums to listen to while I’m skateboarding.

You can pick up “Way Less Effort” and listen to the instrumentals via Bandcamp here. You have to listen to this, it’s solid hip hop instrumentation.

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