Sunday, August 17, 2014

M00kie-M00K M00-You Brings On The Rhymes on Getting to know M00-Y0U Hosted by Peter Griffin

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this free album from M00kie-M00K M00-You. I knew it was hip hop, but you never know with independent releases. After getting an intro from none other than Peter Griffin, what is left is awesome. M00kie-M00K M00-You unleashes a serious flow over beats that you’re going to find to be downright reverent. “Getting to know M00-Y0U” is a solid release full of rhyme schemes and raw beats that will definitely find a home with any hip hop head out there.

You get a full sense for the artist on “Awready Know” a 3 minute banger that features a full scale of ideas going through the mind and rap lyrics of this interesting artist. From there, things keep getting better with standout tracks like “Let It Go”, “Down I-45”, “Opinion”, and more. M00kie-M00K M00-You definitely works like an artist. The lyrics combined over some very interesting beats makes this release vital, and creates a lavish overall reality laced hip hop rhyme scheme that you will definitely appreciate.

Topics include life, dreams, and much more. The flow is laid back, unique, and definitely stands out. When Peter Griffin interjects, you start to chuckle a bit since it’s a good marketing hook to throw into the mix of songs on this release. You’re going to definitely find that aspect to be a good selling point on this free release, and it’s going to get you to laugh a bit for sure.

At the end of the day, M00kie-M00K M00-You’s release of “Getting to know M00-Y0U” is a good release, and for free, you can’t really deny that it’s worth your time. I found it to have some good tracks, interesting rhymes, and good use of beats and of course, Peter Griffin’s seal of approval too.

Check out “Getting to know M00-Y0U” via Here, and see what’s coming out of Texas’s hip hop scene.

Oh, and make sure to follow on twitter: Twitter: @M00kieM00k

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