Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Xander Demos Explodes Through Your Speakers With An Incredible Heavy Shred on Guitarcadia

As a music fan, I’ve heard a lot of guitar players in my day. I’ve seen a lot too, and every time I hear about another guitar player and their release, I roll my eyes. That wasn’t the case when I first heard about Xander Demos. I was completely blown away with the progressive sound and style of the guitar work and overall attention to the most finite of details on the latest release “Guitarcadia”. This is a heavy metal shredders dream, and it flies in the face of most guitar players today, as this is the type of stuff that should be played on rock radio. No offense to the reggae fans (which I am a fan of), but there’s no reason rock radio should be playing 3 or 4 reggae songs an hour when this is getting ignored.

Xander Demos charges through every kind of guitar sound from melodic to extreme picking to just insane pieces of metal glory on “Guitarcadia” and it’s a blueprint for what you can do on electric guitar. Lead, rhythm, and other is all represented in some heavy shredding and melodic composition on the recording. “Right Angles” and “Nothing Major” smash open the speaker you have and grabs your ears to turn up the songs. You will not find another melodic, guitar driven record that matches up to the talent that you hear when you turn up this release.

At times it sounds like the classic metal riffing from the 1980s, but you hear parts from the 1970s, and even a little 60s electric guitar action in this mix of 10 tracks that will not leave you hanging. Just because I call out those years, doesn’t mean that Xander Demos doesn’t go through the new era of metal as you will hear on “Under A Darkened Sky”, which very well could be a song from Dragonforce, and would fit in well with a lot of the current acts, and you will be completely floored when the vocals come in on that track, giving this more than just a simple instrumental recording.

Xander Demos band or XDB have brought their prowess to the masses sharing the stage with, Neil Zaza, UFO, The Dio Deciples, Uli Jon Roth, Buckethead, Lizzy Borden, Adrenaline Mob, Symphony X, Helstar and Kip Winger. With such credentials, you’ll absolutely want to pay close attention to what is next, and pick up this record immediately. 10 tracks, 55 minutes of music, and like I said, a guitar player’s dream. It’s an iconic record with so much to offer from guitar, bass, keyboards, and more. I’m impressed, you’ll be impressed, and you’ll be tempted to go and pick up a guitar. If my wrists weren’t bad from my mediocre run as a bass player, I’d be tempted to pick up a guitar. What you hear on “Guitarcadia” is a masterwork from a genius of guitar progression and you’ll agree once you listen. Get this record.

Pick up this record via Big Cartel HERE, and learn more about Xander Demos and more by going to the official website here.

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