Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gas Station Disco Puts Together A Solid Rock Record

Gas Station Disco takes the rock genre and makes it far more accessible than you may think. While modern rock may be playing boring music, the Pottsville, Pa band creates a layered rock sound that is not only urgent, it’s going to find a home with fans of pure rock music. With the release of “Port and Starboard” you get a sense for their sound and it’s going to shock you. It’s well polished, it’s poppy, but it has a rock edge that is definitely in line with some of the bigger bands in rock music right now. Name one of the big bands that are playing stadiums, and you’ll find that these guys are on the right track with their music. It’s solid, it’s beefy, it’s got a pop sensibility but don’t let that fool you, it’s rocking and it’s heavy at times.

You get hit with their signature sound on the first track which is the title track, “Port and Starboard”. From there the stand out tracks continue to hit you hard, and flow through a complete balance of rock tracks. “All I See”, “Broken”, and “All I Am” flow very well before you hit one of the most radio friendly, accessible, and powerful tracks with “Window”. If I were an executive in the music industry, I’d sign them based on that track. It hits hard, it mixes instruments, and lyrically charges on in exactly the same way that many other bands have done, but what makes Gas Station Disco different is that they add their own flavor to the distortion, and keyboard mix before hitting the hard rock sound through the latter half of the song. It’s that mid-point that makes this album so great.

For hard rock fans this is a working class rock and roll band, for pop fans, this is a radio friendly album, and for those that love all musical genres, get ready to explore some incredible moments. The album flows through every emotion, every hard rock sound, and heavy bass, heavy distortion on guitars, and lyrical balance that is definitely going to impress even the hardest of skeptics.

I was impressed with how balanced the whole record is. It’s not a droning album, it hits on all cylinders, and gives you an incredible array of options to listen to. I think it’s a record that you will want to listen to whole. There’s no one track that is going to win the best here, they are all unique, good, and rocking in their own right. You have to listen to this record, you just have to. It will definitely become another one of the albums from this year that will get heavy rotation on your playlist.

Learn more about Gas Station Disco via their official website here, and get their record sooner than later.

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