Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Colored Parade Sends You Through A Music History With And The Walls of The City Will Shake

The Colored Parade gave me a ticket to ride in a time machine. I was taken across several generations of musical style, theory, and composition with the incredible release of their latest record. I was completely blown away from the initial track, moving forward on “…And The Walls of The City Will Shake”. “Please, Be Kind” should be on par with The Black Keys, and the rest of the bands that are getting a lot of attention today, because it’s iconic, it’s multi-genre, it had me thinking. I got a bit emotional, I admit it, the lyrics hit me, the way an iconic song certainly does. It’s there that the time machine continued to impress as the record continued to get better and better.

From the opening blues, rock, pop genre mesh that you get with the initial track, to the second song you are taken to yet another locale. It’s hard to define The Color Parade as one genre because it’s not. It goes through several, and the record does so well in creating a lavish portrait of emotion. “When The World’s Against Me” feels so much bigger than it is, and it’s because every note is layered through nicely through instrumentation, and vocals. It doesn’t end there, going through “Hysterically Speaking, “I’m Indestructible”, “A Tiny Spark (In This Great Machine)”, and through the rest of the 13 tracks, you are treated to an alternative feast of music.

As you listen through the record, you will not be able to peg The Colored Parade as just one type of music, as there’s so much here to explore. Just when you think you have it all figured out, they throw a wrench in the mix with a style that’s very much in tune with the 1980s new wave, but yet different. I know, this may seem like an odd explanation, but it rings true throughout the tracking at times. Suffice to say that “…And The Walls of The City Will Shake” is on par with the best record I’ve heard this year. The shifting genres are done so well, never leaving you feeling like you’ve left the record. There’s so much here, it’s ridiculous that this is not on the mainstream making millions. Andrew Adkins does a marvelous job presenting a larger than life sound on this record, no doubt.

Fans of good music are going to eat this up. I appreciated every song, and really enjoy the emotional connections that are sewed through the lyrics. Listen closely and hear all sorts of instruments, percussion, as this is an instant musical classic. From audiophiles to jaded rockers, ever music fan will appreciate this record for more than the sum of its parts. It very well may be your next favorite record.

My bad intro aside, this is a great record, it hits on all notes well and I definitely recommend it. Check out The Colored Parade's official website here, and Facebook Page here.

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