Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Jimi Newton Project Throws Down One Hell of An Electronic Dance Record With 2.0 Ghost Stories

I’m not always up to date with dance and electronic music, but the more I pay attention to the changing landscape of music, the more it comes up. The Jimi Newton Project breaks down the walls with this latest release of “2.0 Ghost Stories” and completely shatters the notion of electronic music. If you’re into Chromeo or Daft Punk, this is going to get serious replay value for you, because it mixes musical notes in a manner that even the former can’t really claim. From “Summer 2.0” moving forward, I was definitely impressed with the production, but more importantly the flow of the whole record, making this one of my favorite electronic releases this year. I know, bold statement, but it’s true, it’s that catchy.

There’s a casual flow to this recording, and something that is far more compelling than other releases in the genre. The Jimi Newton Project seems urgent, but the flow of sounds melt together in a good unison. At some point you don’t feel that you’re listening to multiple layers, but rather one layer of equal importance, which is hard to find with electronic music at times. The prowess of the artistry is really showcased on “Turn Blue”, “Expect the Unexpected”, and the remixes that flow through the middle of the disc.

If you stick with this release, you are treated to so much here, that you’ll be hitting repeat immediately after it’s over. I sure had to listen to the tracks a few times before finally giving this my full recommendation and vote of confidence. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds, singing, and textured electronic dance tracks that you will have a hard time forgetting. The melodies stick with you, and that’s something that is definitely hard to do. I loved it. The Jimi Newton Project really does well here, and “2.0 Ghost Stories” is definitely top notch, and well worth your time.

Check out this record on itunes here, and seriously, give this one a listen. I sure enjoyed it.

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