Monday, May 26, 2014

Jana Pochop Brings A Transcendent Musical Transcript on Throats are Quarries

Jana Pochop’s voice brings about a new vision for me upon hearing “When Your Soul Leaves Your Body”. Perhaps it’s the subtlety of the song structure, perhaps it’s the vocals on the track, or maybe it just hit me at the right time. The song is a good starting point to her latest release “Throats are Quarries” as it spins a good tune on this 5 song EP.

Jana plays acoustic guitar and provides vocals on this recording which is very much an eclectic mix. It’s simple, to the point, and on par with some of my favorite Neko Case songs. “Throw You Forward” brings about an emotional connection with me, and speaks to a poetic side that I lost along the way. It’s a good song that ties up how I feel about this record, that I hope gets more attention. The music is acoustic, folk, with a rock tinge, and truly is one that is accessible by all music fans. You forget that you’re listening to an independent artist as you look to the radio dial to see the station you’re on. That’s the magic of this release, it feels far more polished, and so friendly, you assume it’s from a more prominent artist, and that speaks volumes to the compositions.

It’s with “Deepest Fear” and the rest of the EP that you truly get a sense for the artist, as I began to love it. The lyrics on the third track is very relatable to me, moving so much, regret, love lost, it’s like she’s taking pages from my life story and putting them in song. Perhaps it’s the universal language of music, or the way the composition works playfully with folk and rock pathos to create a fluid song.

Jana Pochops’ “Throats are Quarries” is one of the best acoustic records I’ve heard in a long time. I am impressed, and blissfully overwhelmed by the EP and hope everyone takes a listen. There’s so many layers to the sound, and the lyrics.

Check out Jana Pochop’s official website here, and make sure that you check out “Throats are Quarries” today.

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