Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Huntingtons Get Lost Got Lost In The Shuffle of 1999 Ramones Punk Bands

I recall seeing The Huntingtons at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. They played with The Dingees to a crowd of around 100 people, if that. It was a random Thursday night, and I noticed that they didn’t have the cult following that I saw them playing front of in 2002. I went to Cornerstone Festival 2002, and saw a massive crowd go nuts for the band, but on this random Thursday in Hollywood, they couldn’t draw flies. Then again, 100 people isn’t half bad, right? I didn’t stick around for the whole performance, but they were promoting “Get Lost” a 13 track opus of Ramones-esque punk rock that should’ve been their big break. It wasn’t.

In fact, no one that I’ve talked to online or offline knows anything about this band. They are not exactly high on the list of this style of music, even though they performed with Joey Ramone and have one of the best cover-albums of Ramones tunes in the world. Yeah, I said it. Despite their high quality sound, and attempts to emulate the mighty New York pioneers of punk, they are long and gone, with only memories playing through the Spotify accounts and mp3 players of today. With the 1999 release of “Get Lost” the band started so strong, that they were featured on MTV2, and many other programs that still played music videos.

The main video for this record is of course the rip roaring and solid tribute to the Ramones, “No Pool Party Tonight”. With tight bass lines, sing-along style choruses, and that simple and understated singing style, the band trudges through 3 minutes of heaven before going through 33 more minutes of repetitive, but still important punk rock music. Right when you are going to just go to sleep on this one, they belt out one iconic song that you’re going to get stuck in your head forever, “What Would Joey Do?” and that’s where you realize that The Huntingtons love themselves some Ramones.

“Get Lost” is not going to win any awards, and few people are even going to remember it. However, it stands tall amongst The Riverdales, The Queers, and many other bands that have played “Ramones” style, and gotten far more famous. I love The Huntingtons and their quest to play rock and roll, but alas, the tag of being “Christians” thwarted their success, if you ask me. At least I got to see them live a few times, and I still listen to these songs, as they are fantastic, if not repetitive.

You can pick up The Huntingtons “Get Lost” here, and of course keep on rocking in the free world or whatever catchphrase I’m supposed to put here.

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