Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zero Verdict Shakes The Rock Genre To The Foundations With The Release of Clarity

It’s the return of pure rock music. Lately I’ve been hearing so many good bands coming out and after hearing Zero Verdict’s latest release “Clarity”, I’m 100% positive that they are poised to make it big. From the opening lines of their record, they bring high quality guitar driven rock music that will take you back to the rock and roll era. It’s as powerful as anything coming out Seattle from the 1990s, and it’s as powerful as the heavy metal guitar work that came through the 1980s, with incredible vocals that float through the driving guitars, and killer bass with other instrumentation throughout. This is the ultimate rock and roll package, without sticking to just one genre. On “Clarity”, the band opens up with “The Perfect White Lie” and I was blown away by the production, and overall style. It’s well crafted, and powerful, giving the listener something from all genres, including an awesome solo to finish things off and sing along choruses that will definitely stun you.

Even though this record is only 4 tracks, it is full of fire. Tapio Mattila’s guitar work is superb. It flows through the same energy that made Eddie Van Halen so popular, and he does it with such a modern twist on the rock genre. Sami Huotari’s vocals are unique, and on par with styles that made Dio a household name. Not quite the same, but with such projection that it fills the recording quite well. I was completely impressed with the way the guitar work and the vocals lend themselves to this iconic music.

Even when the band slows down on “Alone”, it’s epic. There is no “one” track on this recording, that I can say is the best. They are all unique, and heavy with guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. It’s a solid hard rock record that touches the metal world, and brings it back through the Alternative scope that made rock radio #1 in the 1990s. I would be surprised if these guys don’t make it bigger, because this is one hell of a record. I’m impressed with how it plays with such unity and power for only 4 songs. It’s so much bigger than the rock genre, it has to be heard, check it out, I highly recommend this one.

Zero Verdict is coming out of Oulu, Finland, and they are a cohesive unit that is going to pummel your senses. Check out their Facebook page here, their official EP site here, and keep tabs on them, they are incredible. I’m a fan, that’s for sure.

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