Saturday, May 17, 2014

Henneke's Outside Systems of Human Presumption Complicates and Stuns Within 30 Seconds

Electronic music is one of those genres that I give only a few minutes to before I give up. Usually I’m handed a lot of repetition and boredom, but for those that have been following this blog for a while now, you’ll notice something grand. The electronic music I recommend is spot on great. Henneke once again shows me how incredible this genre can get, with compelling unions of sound, static, and so much more. You’re going to get hit with a tidal wave of bouncing rhythms, beats, and sounds, and it’s only an EP!

Henneke's Outside Systems of Human Presumption is a testament to the genre. In a world full of boring music, this is one that mixes genres quite well. You get a little bit of flavor from ambience to pure digital frameworks, to layering of keyboards and more. It’s techno done right, with explosive symbiosis and integral elemental design. In the end, it just sounds good.

From the first time I listened to “Isopoda” to the third time, it’s reflective of something magical and unique. On this EP you get 4 full tracks, 2 original mixes and 2 remixes and they each present unison on the EP. It’s a solid outing, and one that stuns you within 30 seconds of time. It’s like updating my childhood’s soundtrack of Nintendo music into something so much more tangible. I’m fascinated by this style and genre. Henneke really does something grand here, and it’s eclectic, while maintaining that electronic pathos.

You can listen and buy the EP here, and check out here. You will have this EP on repeat a lot, I think.

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