Monday, May 19, 2014

Dance of Atoms Brightens Up Your Day With Intense Electronic Music and More on Atom & Eve

Dance of Atoms woke me up this morning. I was feeling tired from doing laundry all night, and trying to fight this depression that I have as a starving writer, and with “I Can Change” all things were made brand new. It may not have fixed my problems, but it sure woke me and my cats up, enough to get a little more upbeat. The sounds are a mix of 80s new wave, alternative, and electronic music with the same urgency that you would expect from Joy Electric or M83. I like the mix of sounds that start things up and to my surprise the continuous tracks just got better and better. With the release of "Atom and Eve", the morning becomes a bit more eclectic.

A lot of electronic music is being touted as the next best thing, but I can truly say that this is a unique and vibrant mix of music that could very well be the next big thing. There’s no “one” genre here, even though it’s electronic at times, and that’s what I like best. I love when artists can find new avenues to use musical notes, and that is by far the most compelling thing that you’ll realize from this introduction to all sorts of mayhem.

From the start of the record through the cover of “Another One Bites The Dust” and all through 7 tracks here you are treated to a buffet of sounds that you will have a hard time picking out. At first glance it seems very easy to peg this as dance record, or pop record, but it’s absolutely more than that. It’s a beautiful mix of music that you’re going to find bouncy, and cheerful at times. If nothing else the beat will wake you up from your slumber and allow you to get a smile in on the morning, even if it’s a gloomy start.

Dance of Atoms provides a good sense of rhythm, electronic prowess, and so much more. I like it, it is definitely one of the better alternative releases that I’ve heard. Don’t judge this by the genres mentioned, listen to the record and find out what you’re missing right now, it’s awesome!

You can listen to Dance of Atoms "Atom and Eve" by clicking here, and check out their official website here.

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