Friday, May 2, 2014

Teacher Preacher Brings A Bouncing Hip Hop Release on The Return from Babylon

I never truly know what to expect from the latest in the hip hop genre. Teacher Preacher and Kuntry Strong come together to pull out one bouncing hip hop release and it’s called “The Return From Babylon”. From the introduction through the 20 songs of flowing rap music, you are going to be thrilled by how this all pulls through. The beats are secondary to the lyrics, as the flows are coming through fast and furious. Filled with choruses that you’d expect from southern rap, and mainstream singles, you get exactly what you’d expect, and then the duo turns out something even more incredible.

Topics are all over the place, as there is no “one” thing that they are trying to talk about, as they cover a variety of topics from making money to living life of struggle. There’s a lot to sample here, and it’s all done with such an easy flow, that you’ll swear this is second nature to Teacher Preacher and Kuntry Strong. The whole record is well produced, and connects together in a very unique manner. Even though each song stands on their own, the album never feels like you need to skip a track, as it all comes together to tell you a story.

“The Return From Babylon” is one of the better releases that you’re going to get from the hip hop world right now. It is filled with lots of art, great beats and moments where you stop, rewind and hear the words again because they are not what you think. I especially love the way “Grind” works out. If I had a favorite track it’s that one. But that’s not to say the rest aren’t good, as they pull through a great deal of quality tracks. Some of the stand outs include, “Grind”, “Welcome to Amerikkka”, “Getting Made”, “4 Door Rider”, “Im Great”, just to name a few.

For true hip hop fans, this is one that you absolutely cannot miss. “The Return From Babylon” is a quality release, and one that you’ll be playing on repeat with the likes of the new Atmosphere, Greyskul, and more. I highly recommend this one, as it delivers 20 tracks of quality hip hop.

You can buy the record via Itunes, check out, and listen to the starting single on soundcloud here.

Social media profiles you connect to are here:

Teacher Preacher Facebook
Kuntry Strong Twitter
Teacher Preacher Twitter
Kuntry Strong Facebook

You won’t want to miss these guys, they’re poised to rise up and takeover, I can feel it.

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