Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things Are Not Life Push The Alternative Genre To New Limits

Things Are Not Life hits you with a fuzzy guitar before hitting a whole new plane of rock existence with their song “God can’t save” off of their new record. The latest record from the band increases the creativity levels of the genre known as alternative and infuses it with rock, and metal at times. Imagine Tool and the Deftones in a combination of garage oriented punk music and you may start to see how the band has brought together several elements together to form one cohesive unit. This creation not only rises like a phoenix, it completely blows you away with incredible attention to both guitar work and percussion. The driving bass lines and soaring vocals also play a great role, giving credence to the rock sound like a Pavement record.

The roaring rock opus is not contained in one track, the music flows through a connectivity that is rare in rock music. From one high to another low, and through several waves of urgency not too unlike what you’d expect from the 1980s icons like Rush or DIO. That’s not to say that this is a metal album, because it’s not confined to that genre alone, it’s a rock record that has a lot of influence here. You’ll hear elements of pop, alternative, metal, rock, and even jazz. It’s a high quality recording that doesn’t limit itself in anyway. You’ll even hear tones of The Doors at times, with the vocals soaring over keyboard and bass lines that are walking along a new line.

Stand out tracks abound here, from “God can’t Save”, “In The Middle”, “A Song For Birds”, “Home”, and “Things Are Not Life” the whole package is sealed up with authority and cohesion. It’s records like this that become iconic, classics, and mantle pieces for musicians. There’s a great bit of creativity offered through the 9 tracks here, and you get a sense for a soaring rock album that requires more than one listen. Just the guitar work alone will bring you new life, but when the vocals, keys, drums, and bass tie it all together, you will find yourself in musical bliss. Things Are Not Life really does well here, and this recording is one that should get a ton of attention. It’s above standard, it’s artistic, and full of new life. It’s a genre mesh of great rock sounds, but with a new stamp. I recommend it greatly.

You can listen to this record via the band’s Sound Cloud here, or you can visit their official website here. Don’t sleep on this record, you’ll regret it.

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  1. Great band! Can´t stop listening their music. Way ahead from popular rock bands.


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