Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Lesser Known Punk Rock Releases You Need In Your Collection

Everyone’s got a music collection, some are larger than others, and some have it all itemized and categorized like the guys in “High Fidelity”. I used to be the latter, but now, I end up listening to streams, and a lot of Spotify, alongside the occasional vinyl record. It’s just easier, and amidst my listening to the collection of thousands upon thousands of tracks that fill my daily routine, I wanted to highlight 5 records that you probably don’t have in your collection yet should pick up right away. The following are 5 lesser known punk rock releases that you absolutely need on your Spotify account, mp3 player, phone, or whatever it is you’re using to listen to music:

Guns N’ Wankers “For Dancing and Listening”

In between spats of Snuff and other bands, Guns N’ Wankers put together a great string of releases that eventually caught the eye of Fat Wreck Chords and we get this recording. The 8 tracks presented on this record are a mix of Snuff and other bands all rolled into one. It’s an iconic set of quality bass driven, heavy punk sounds ala early Pennywise with the Snuff brand of sounds. It’s far less rock oriented than Snuff was, and more straightforward punk rock with great overall lyrics, and guitar work. You’ll have to pick this one up, it’s that good.

The Copyrights “Learn The Hard Way”

The Copyrights bring a mix of Greenday’s early work and more polished sounds such as those of Bayside and Rancid’s newer stuff. They are not street punk, but rather a melodic representation of power pop that is far more focused on snot than anything else. Imagine an American version of The Living End, with more of an edge and grittier guitar and bass work. This is a classic album from them, and in no way represents the band as a whole, as their catalog has grown immensely since this one. It’s a solid outing, and one that I find myself listening to on a regular basis.

Craig’s Brother “Homecoming”

Tooth and Nail records used to be amazing, now they suck. Craig’s Brother was a solid punk rock band from California and with “Homecoming” they put together a string of songs that were fast, melodic and focused on issues with life. Imagine looking at your high school year book and picking out people you knew from back in the day, and finding out what they were up to now, and you kind of get the theme of this outing. The solid punk rock force was definitely one of the better releases from the Tooth and Nail pop punk saturated roster early on in their life cycle. This one holds up quite well.

Dear Landlord “Dream Homes”

Powerful punk rock from Dear Landlord comes flying through your speakers with “Dream Homes”. Focusing on life of the less fortunate, this is a working class force of power punk glory. It’s like the Dropkick Murphy’s little brothers got together and ditched the Boston attitude and went pop, without losing focus on the wall of noise that comes with solid guitar work and heavy bass lines alongside drumming that is fast. The gang is definitely all here for this and Dear Landlord is going to cause you to think twice about complaining about your lot in life.

Living With Lions “Make Your Mark”

I first heard the band Living With Lions through a podcast called “Jack’s Untitled Rock Show” I think. The band was featured and interviewed on the show, and I fell in love with the release. “Make Your Mark” is a solid outing from the Canadian punkers that mix equal parts melody and straight forward power punk and pop sensibilities. There’s sing alongs, there’s street wise moments, and there’s introspective lyrics that will have you looking back at your life decisions in a whole new way. If nothing else, you’ll be glad to add this very talented band into your line up of rocking tunes. (man I’m old)

There you go, 5 punk rock records you don’t already have, and if you do, congratulations you’re cool. Pick up all of these records through Amazon.com here, and support this site by purchasing music through the links, and letting a friend know about how crappy my reviews are. It helps me keep going. You can preview the records below, or click the amazon links provided to the sidebar. What about you? What are your thoughts on records I may need to give a whirl?

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