Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Super Sumo Knocks Out An Incredible Single With RRR featuring MR KITO

Super Sumo comes through with an incredible electronic track that features MR KITO and it’s going to knock you out. The single “RRR” comes from an upcoming release through an affiliation with Presence Records and it’s a collaborating of artists coming together to create what may be the most unique sound in electronic music today.

With the single “RRR” you get introduced to the composition of dance beats, electronic rhythms, drums, and so much more. It’s eclectic in the approach and rattles your head a bit to wake up and get your feet tapping and possibly dancing in your cubicle. I know my cats started wondering what was wrong with me as I started to do a little dance at my desk while listening to this track, that’s for sure.

The experimental sound here is raw, but produced well, combining lots of elements and creating nuances that you are not going to hear anywhere else. Super Sumo does something grand on the single, and it is one of the better, pure electronic singles I’ve heard this year so far. It’s a genre that really has some room to breathe, and this track definitely does well in filling the aural space with pure talent and bouncing resonance. You’ll be hard-pressed not to like the infectious layers of sound design presented by Super Sumo on this track, it just all works.

You can listen to the single “RRR” featuring MR KITO by going to the soundcloud page here. It’s solid, Super Sumo is on to something, and I like it.

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