Saturday, March 15, 2014

John Blake Hits The Right Emotions With Your Light (Let it Shine)

Finding high quality uplifting music is tough to do, especially with so many artists getting more attention than others. John Blake comes through with an incredible song that uplifts the soul, body and mind into a new arena. It’s positive in tune, and features lyrics that make you think twice about what’s going on in your life. I always am fascinated by artists that can put together good music and rhymes that are positive in nature. The positivity resounds so much greatness here, and the lyric video is a good one.

Blake’s delivery is reminiscent of Tupac, but with a little bit less influx on the last syllables. If you close your eyes and just listen to this song, you will definitely feel good, as it is meant to point you towards something better than to wallow in your misery, sadness, or troubles. Finding a light, even if you’re not religious can be so grand, and here is a positivity that hip hop is sorely missing.

I love when artists can speak their mind without focusing on gangster themes, bravado, or trying too hard to focus on money, power and fame. Those things are played out and old, which is why this single hits so well. It’s different, it’s uplifting, and has some good lyrical content, which makes it stand out amidst a lot of rappers that are trying too hard to repeat the same old song over and over again. If you like hip hop, you’ll find this to be a good track. You could buy the track via itunes here.

Check out this song below:

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