Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Hubs Pull Together Progressive Guitarwork on Welcome To Beyond

The first thing that you hear on The Hubs is what can only be thought of as a garage. A group of musicians in a garage ready to record and then you get pummeled with guitars and percussion. The guitars are pronounced and vibrant, with drums that make the whole thing quite interesting. Dueling guitars midway through the song set up you up for what very well may be a grand alternative record, straight out of the mid 1990s, as it definitely doesn’t hold back. “Rocketship” is a good opener, and one that still is engraved in my psyche.

On songs like “Plastic Heart”, “Come Closer”, Rut” and “Live Fast”, you get more of a sense of the what the band is doing and it’s pretty good. I liken some of the guitar work to “The Reunion Show” or early “Weezer”, with vocals that are a mix of 1980s alternative and late 1990s independent artists like The Get Up Kids. It’s definitely hard to pinpoint an exact replica, which is definitely a good thing. The recording has a lot of highs and lows when the vocals are in play, but other than that, you get a band that is definitely on set to create more music in the future, this is a good start.

The album is a good one, and while you’re listening to it as a whole, you eventually get hit with a familiar song. “Say It Aint So” gets the cover treatment and it isn’t half bad. The Hubs really tap into a lot of greatness here, and “Welcome To Beyond” is definitely a good starting point for the band. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, as the band is definitely poised to get a lot more attention, and definitely tap into a lot of catchy, well crafted, layered rock music.

You can check out The Hubs "Welcome To Beyond" EP, and listen to some cool tunes. I recommend it.

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