Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randy Ichinose Electrically Charges Iblis and So We Drowned

Electronic music is hit or miss with me, but there are some great artists that can mix rock, electronic sounds, and flush design. Randy Ichinose is one of those artists that can fuse genres and come out looking incredible. Listening to his latest release of music, you get two sonic booms of musical integrity. From the song structure, to the singing, every element is taken to the ultimate conclusion, posing incredible design overall.

Iblīs starts things out first, and it starts out with a good vocal style and mix of guitars and percussion that leads into a powerful chorus and bridge. The song is very much like you would expect from some of the better alternative rock bands on radio today. The style is done very well, and I can definitely appreciate the modern twist on the rock sound. Vocally triumphant, this track rocks hard, with a softer opening and build to grandiose finishes.

On the track So We Drowned, Randy pushes the elements giving the listener quite a mix. Electric, rock, grunge, and inspirational vocalization sets up a strong song with powerful components. It kind of reminded me of Deadsy at times, but with a clever mix of electronic sound design that works very well. It’s a good song, that rides a unique wave towards an impactful presentation. I loved the mix of genres here, as the song truly brings out the talent of Randy Ichinose.

With these two songs, you get a taste of an up and coming artist that has a bright future. One listen to these tracks and you too will be convinced that there’s something incredible about how Randy Ichinose combines melody, passion, and hard rock into a very unique blend.

You can listen to Randy Ichinose and his songs via his official Soundcloud page here, or Bandcamp page here. I highly recommend checking out this fascinating take on modern rock.

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