Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monks of Mellonwah Turn Out Incredible Alternative Rock Music on Turn The People

As soon as you hear the opening songs from Monks of Mellonwah, you will try to draw comparisons, and it’s tough. It’s equal parts independent rock and alternative, with so much more. You immediately think it’s a Switchfoot record or a Mutemath record, but it’s neither. This is a whole new creation, something that really is shocking, as they aren’t hitting the mainstream big time right now. I’m surprised these guys aren’t bigger than they are, as the record really feels powerful, and set to rise through the ranks fast.

“Ghost Stories” opens up this record with a good sense of rock fusion and pop, then flows through outstanding tracks like “Vanity”, “Escaping Alcatraz”, and “Sailing Stones”. I’m always compelled to comment on whether or not a record can be listened to completely through without skipping around and these guys definitely do that with this recording. If you remember Noise Ratchet’s debut record, and how much play that got on indie radio, you may get a feeling for this, as it flows through many moments of rock fusion. From slow, to heavy, and everything in between, without losing that sense of pop vocals at times.

The Monks of Mellonwah have been around for roughly four years, and are starting to get a lot of press, which is a great thing. Coming out of Sydney, Australia, the music is an incredible blend of sounds you would expect from a rock group that is poised to takeover. They’ve been featured on many cable television shows, and have won some great awards. Just reading their resume is a stunning thing, with licensing deals and awards like, Bunim/Murray Productions, MTV Networks, Discovery Channel, and FOX Sports. In addition, the band has already toured the U.S.A, Singapore and Australia. "M.O.M" were voted "Best Indie Rock Band" in the 2012 Artists in Music Awards and placed as the "International Rock Artist of the Year" at the 22nd Annual LA Music Awards in 2012, these guys are seriously making noise.

All in all, “Turn The People” is a solid release, with a lot of great music overall, and that alternative, pop sound that you will definitely enjoy. It’s done right, well crafted, catchy, and progressive. It never feels tired or as if they were trying too hard to create something, they have it all in place. You’ll definitely want to check these guys out. I liked the record, and feel it’s a strong contender for this year.

Check out Monks of Mellonwah by clicking here to hear their tunes. Check out their Facebook page here, and their official website here. Oh, and don’t forget to watch their music video below.

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