Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reflections of Love Delivers a Beautiful Reflection Through Music by Laith Al-Baiyaa

I don’t think certain genres of music get nearly as much attention, especially when it comes to classical options. Laith Al-Baiyaa has released the record “Reflections of Love” and it most certainly is a daring project, full of piano and other instrumentation, but the focal point is definitely on the piano, which is exquisitely played. I personally played piano for 7 years, before I moved to the bass guitar, and I can testify to the nuances that performers have, and this is a good example of talent above and beyond what you may hear.

Contemporary classical artists are often times relegated to jazz release, or replaying the classics from hundreds of years ago, but this is not another rehashed record. Laith Al-Baiyaa puts together amazing music that fits the mood that you may have whenever you decide to mellow things out in your home, office, or on a train. If you close your eyes and listen to this record, you are transformed, taken to a new place, one with simplicity and love at the helm.

“Reflections of Love” is like a symphony of poetry, throwing around notes and sounds from the piano that just fit together quite well. This is perhaps one of the finest piano records I’ve heard in a long time. Some of my favorite tracks include “If I Had You”, “Silence”, “Why Should I Care”, and “Emotions”. However, like many of the best music in the world, this album is meant to be heard as a whole, not with single tracks. That’s the thing here, it’s a whole album of breath taking music that you will definitely appreciate, if you just listen closely.

In a world full of pop and rock, and a lot of terrible music, this is a refreshing and wonderful release. Check out Laith Al-Baiyaa’s “Reflections of Love” as it is a very good and emotional musical release. Click here to check it out.

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