Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jesse and the Rise Brings Carefully Crafted Independent Pop To The Masses on the Mystic EP

Jesse and The Rise will release their new ep “Mystic” on May 27th, and it’s already getting a bit of noise amongst bloggers such as myself. The music can easily be described as pop, but it’s too easy. I think it has more to offer the masses than just one genre, which is why I think it’s stellar, and full of life. It’s an acoustic album of sorts, but has production values that you’re not going to find with traditional pop, or indie bands.

Upon listening to the tracks, you get a vibe that is similar to that of the first Pete Yorn major label record, which I found to be grand. The vocals aren’t the same as Yorn’s, so don’t get the message confused, it’s just the same kind of power in the sustained rock sound. It’s not heavy handed, as it features a light approach, and a very optimistic view through the lyrics. The EP will feature six tracks, and have a certain catchy tone to it all.

The choruses will have you singing along, and the songs easily get trapped into your mind for repetition. I for one couldn’t stop listening to “Rollin’ On” upon first mention. The other tracks that stand out are “We Can Let Go”, “A Little Redeeming” and “The Reset Button”. These tracks come together to form a well-crafted EP that is full of melody, and sensibilities that are definitely found in good music.

What you don’t find here is a lot of pretense, or sadness that can easily accompany independent, acoustic records. That’s one reason why I like this, it’s not an emo release or something that I can peg as archaic or boring. Jesse and The Rise evoke melodies that are way beyond the years of the release, and it’s a good starting point for new listeners and fans to find them. I found “Mystic” EP to be a good record, and one that deserves a listen or two, or five.

You can catch up with all things Jesse and the Rise via the official facebook page here, twitter feed here, YouTube channel here. Oh, and don’t forget the official Jesse and The Rise website here, so that you can get caught up with the full experience.

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