Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Witch’s Revenge Drops Terror into a Spiritual Realm

For this post, I decided to take a break from the music reviews, to fill you in on a cool book that I've recently picked up. If you're a reader of this blog, then you already know that I blog on Scary Film Review, and am starting a book store called "Red Hearse Books". It's with that in mind, that I present this quick review of the book "The Witch's Revenge". I recommend it highly, and you may even want to listen to some records while reading this one. I sure did.

There’s a lot of writers out there that try to mix spiritual writing and horror, and most of it falls flat. With the release of “The Witch’s Revenge”, I found myself amidst a very well-crafted world. One that mixes the two in such a unique manner. It’s a compelling read with a lot of character, not just gore and violence. The author, Danny Odato, has found a way to scare without being too complicated, or trying to explain so much that the fear is lost in translation. The set-up is nice, making sure that you get a feel for the characters before they face off with a great deal of fear that is ahead.

The villain, what seems like another neighbor, until a real fear is unleashed. A cloud of evil manifests in this book’s story, and the protagonists must stop it at all costs. It’s very similar to some of the 1980s slashers that had similar feels, and definitely presents itself with a very educated tone, and something that is just intrepid. Odato finds a way to mix and weave spirituality amidst terror, and that’s always something that can be relatable for so many.

The frequency of the scares are turned up a notch through the third act, and things really start to balance out. You’ll find that the scary moments mix well with the dialogue, and the surrounding narrative, which is something that most authors mix up. I like the isolated feeling of the village, and I like the way things open up for clarity towards the end. It almost feels like there’s something even bigger at play, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a larger series, but then again, it is a hard hitting book that doesn’t pull punches. I recommend it, click here to check it out. Also check out more from the author on his official page here.

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