Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lourdes Duque Baron Creates a Lavish Cover of Me & Mr. Jones

Lavish may not be the right word, as this is a beautiful and compelling way of introducing the song. Lourdes Duque Baron sings with back up from AKNU, and completely blows me away. I hear a lot of cover songs throughout my writing, and days as a blogger but nothing compares to the way Baron moves through this song. It feels so new, fresh, and completely in tune with the emotional and vibrant connections that comes with soul musicianship. You will be hard pressed to dislike this, as I was taken back to a whole new world upon listening.

From the opening lines of “Nobody stands in between me and my man…it’s me and Mr. Jones”, you immediately feel the presence of the iconic singer’s voice. She does something so well here, and it’s hard to pinpoint what makes it best, as it really does work well in so many different components. Andrew Lane’s production, AKNU’s backdrop, and the way it all pieces together is just astounding.

What truly gets you is the way the music flows amidst her sultry and powerful voice. It dips, and it rises but in such a unique fashion. This is something that only real singers can do, and it’s majestic in a way that you don’t really see often from a lot of other performers. Once you sit down and truly listen to Lourdes Duque Baron’s cover here, you will definitely agree with me, this is an intrepid piece of music and sung by a true master. I loved it, and feel that it needs to get more attention.

You owe it to yourself to listen up, and see this amazing video. The sound alone will amaze you.

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