Monday, March 10, 2014

HoneyTrash Sparks an Indie Flame with Suit and Tie

When it comes to independent music, it’s usually easy to categorize a lot of acts. Then there are some bands and artists that come in with an eclectic sound that is more than one genre, and definitely not what you’d expect from the underground today. With the release of “Suit & Tie” HoneyTrash embarks on making a name for themselves in a very unique, and respected route. The music found on this release is sincere, emotional, and definitely not defined by one category, although, alternative would be the way to go with it.

When you first get to listen to the release, you immediately find a home for this record amongst some of the best from Starflyer 59, Pedro The Lion, and even Iron & Wine. The band knows how to tap into that emotional gridlock that other bands have found a niche in, and they bring it out in an incredible set of eerie moments. It’s a dichotomy really, as you want to just flow with the nuances from track one into track two, but you can’t, the songs stand alone in their own particular way.

The title track, is impressive, and leads into “Hooray”, “Wicked Woman” and “Hey You”, binding together a nice musical arrangement that definitely comes across as sincere. The feel of the record is down to earth, and while some may draw comparisons to emo, indie, shoe gaze, alternative, and rock, I find that there is a pop sensibility here that is definitely a signature. It’s accessible, where as other recordings from cats like Sonic Youth, tried to do this, but failed.

There’s a type of glue that is found on the four tracks on HoneyTrash’s latest, and that’s something worth singing the praises of. As a debt is concerned, it is nice to see a powerful set of songs that will no doubt resonate with music lovers of all genres. I know I liked it, and recommended it.

You can learn more about HoneyTrash here, and listen to the record here.

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  1. Thanks Sir Jorge!! I am the guitarist for HoneyTrash and I think you hacked my Spotify account :)


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