Thursday, September 24, 2015

Susto Live From The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame Is A Must Listen To Experience

It was last July that I first was introduced to Susto. If you didn’t read my review of their release from last year, then you need to go see it now. I’ll wait. Go HERE.

I am a fan of music. I’m a fan of Susto, and now that I’m in the Midwest, I may be able to finally see them perform. But before I get to a show, I wanted to review their latest release. They have a live record out called “Live From The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame” and I love it. That’s right, this release came hitting hard, under the radar of most, but it’s such a powerful live performance.

If you’re familiar with the songs from the previous record, then you already know some of these. However, there’s subtle touches, guest performers, and a live, living room feel to the record that makes you reminisce a little. You’re going to want to pour yourself a shot of whiskey, because this will put you in an introspective mood. When you hear the powerhouse of “Black Jesus featuring Johnny Delaware”, "County Line", and the classic, “Black River Gospel featuring Jordan Igoe” you’re going to shed a bit of a tear. There’s so much depth to the connections that the songs bring.

I noted them in my previous review, but this time, this live record is a powerful attention grabbing release. What you get here are 8 tracks, nearly 30 minutes, of live country, alternative music. It’s a powerful testament to what Susto has been able to put together in such a short time. When you think of artists, you think of prolific passion for the craft. In regards to music, Susto showcases a passion that comes through with the lyrical elements found on this record, and the banter between songs. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Check out more information about Susto, touring, and more HERE. Don’t sleep on this, it’s a great live record.

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