Thursday, December 11, 2014

Violent Ground Tackles Heavy Lyrical Progress on The Release of Their Latest Record

Violent Ground is no joke. They have found a way to tap into a sector of hip hop that is usually seen in major hubs of the United States. These two brothers from Quebec and Labrador present a lyrical giant of a record that blew me away upon first listen. The beats are strong, and the lyrical presentation has a duality that is definitely going to take them far. I was very impressed with the track “Born With Tha Mic”, before the guys championed a set of tracks that absolutely will blow you way.

“Reborn”, “Never Fade Away”, “Rap”, “Nuthin’ On Me”, all stand out amidst a solid 13 tracks, but this is a whole record to be consumed and listened to as a whole, not just singles. I appreciated the way that things work so well together, flowing through various themes, topics, and ideas. From love, loss, politics, and so much more, the duo paints a picture so well that it feels so complex and yet they make it seem so simple. The flow goes slow, fast, and through various stages, creating a kaleidoscope of thematic beats that are not seen in the mainstream right now.

As far as hip hop records, this is a strong showing and something that I think more people should hear. The duality of the vocals alone is worth checking out, as it’s synchronic at times, but with power and focus through various highs and lows. It’s impressive how the rhyme skills show on top of elevated beats that are organic in nature. There’s so much here that it’s a heavy record with lots of talent. I’m impressed with the delivery, especially the harmony and chaos that is presented in such a complete package. As far as independent hip hop, this is a very powerful record that feels so urgent in a time when a lot of the mainstream is boring and tired.

I highly recommend you check out Violent Ground’s latest record. You can check out the track “Born With Tha Mic” below, and check out more via their official website here.

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