Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mary Keey Delivers An Unreal EDM Record With Electricize Me

20 seconds into the latest from Mary Keey, and I’m a fan. I was blown away at 40 seconds in, and may very well have found my favorite electronic record for 2014. As a music writer, I listen to all sorts of music, and electronic is definitely one of the most eclectic genres, but this is something altogether new, and emphatic in the electronic world. This record comes off hard up front, then mellows into a variety of tracks that are unique, and flow through a very unique release. “Electricize Me”, is not a one trick pony, it’s a full scale record that has various inclusions from the world of digital music, and it is perhaps one of the finest mixes I’ve heard in a long time.

“Apollo” opens things up in such a heavy manner, that you immediately take note of the record’s presence. After the initial introduction, you are taken through both dance elements, electric elements, and singing that fits right into the mold of EDM, with so much ease. There’s something special here, especially when you pay attention to the way the sequences work here. On “Awake” you especially get to hear this amazing talent to fuse vocals and electronics, pushing the limits and giving you a whole new anthem.

There’s an intangible quality to this record, and it’s really a fascinating take on EDM. It’s too easy to call it just that, because there’s a lot more to this record. Don’t get me wrong, it is heavy on electronics, but it’s absolutely a beautiful mix. Some of the stand out tracks include, “Apollo”, “Awake”, “Like A Drug”, “Made in Japan”, and “Over”. These are just some of the tracks that stand out, but don’t dismiss the rest, there’s 13 tracks that flow through various moods and pieces that are outright going to stun you.

Mary Keey showcases a great deal of talent on “Electricize Me”, and it’s something that fans of electronic music are going to love. I found it compelling, and well rounded, you will too, so don’t sleep on this one. You’re going to miss out. It’s a great record, with some instant classics on board. Turn your speakers up and take a moment away from your day to pay attention to what very well maybe your new favorite record.

Get this record here, and visit the official Mary Keey website here. Again, don't miss out on this incredible EDM record.

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