Monday, December 1, 2014

Ahtanum Shore Pushes Out A Powerful Rock Record With The Words She’ll Never Hear

From the moment that the new Ahtanum Shore album starts, you are taken into a frenetically paced punk rock album that is going to wake up and never let you go. You’re not going to be able to sit still on this one as there are several elements at play here and while there’s definitely a pop punk tinge, there’s also melodic rock, and even tastes of hardcore sprinkled within the tracks.

From the opening moments of “This Song’s From You”, to the powerful push forward on the rest of the record, you are taken on a ride of emotion and song writing ability that is not only going to propel the band into more headphones and radio, but could possibly give them a shot at the big time. The production here is good, tightly produced, and brings about a good sense of expertise on every single track. The riffs are solid, the percussion comes in strong, and the vocals are definitely on par with some of the best bands past and present. Fans of bands like Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory will definitely find this record to be their next favorite, as it takes on that power sound and drives through some punk ethos and more.

Stand out tracks on this record include, “This Song’s From you”, “Through No Fault of My Own”, “Saving Grace”, and “It’s Your Turn Now”, all of which bring together an iconic sound that is definitely going to surprise some. As a whole, this record has a lot of great songs, it’s fast paced, it is powerful, and definitely something that sits well with alternative rock, pop punk, and hardcore fans as well. If you’re a fan of New Found Glory, and other acts within the genre, you’re going to definitely want to check out Ahtanum Shore’s latest record as it is definitely a good release. It’s among the best of the year in the alternative music category.

Check out Ahtanum Shore's latest record, and hear what very well may be the next big thing. You can do so by checking out their official website here.

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