Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bombs Dropping Winter 2014 Produces 40 Minutes of Electronic Madness

Not since I first heard the soundtrack to Mega Man 2 have I been so enthralled with electronic music. This year has been great for digital music, and I have been given a lot of options to listen to, and here is just another example of great music moving through the internet and other arenas. Bombs Dropping “Winter 2014” is a mix of electronic dub, club, or whatever you want to call it and it’s definitely a fine production. It starts heavy with “Fame”, before it starts dropping digital bombs, as it were.

There’s a lot of bouncing on the record, but there’s steps that are going to take you out of the old techno raga and put you in touch with a new wave of digital creation. I love the tracking on “Cold Front” which feels like something right out of a video game from the PS3. It feels organic, and it has a strong electronic vibe that is definitely well worth your time. You’re going to be thrown back into the industrial era of rock music that made games like Quake so exciting.

Don’t misunderstand, however, as this is not stuck in the past, it’s onward and to the future. By 1:15 of “Cold Front” you’re into something all new and creative that is hard to paint within words. There’s more stand out tracks as you listen, including “Scorched Earth”, “Holiday Spirit”, “Revolutionary”, and of course “Death of Me”. However, this is another one of those electronic records that you are going to want to listen to as a whole.

Whether you’re dancing, or you’re immersed in writing, drawing, or at the gym, this is a record that is not to be missed. It has a definitive electronic feel as it throws you through various levels of digital creation. I love it, and recommend it highly.

Check out Bombs Dropping’s latest “Winter 2014” and more via the official bandcamp page here. It’s one of the best electronic records I’ve heard all year.

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