Thursday, December 11, 2014

T.Lee Before The Overpower Is A Hard Hitting Hip Hop Record You Need To Hear Today

T.Lee throws out a hard hitting record that starts with one heavy handed mix of beats and lyricism. “Before The Overpower” builds on an empty canvas and gives you a deep look into a versatile rap game that T.Lee is overthrowing. “The Crash Part.2” is a provocative track that speaks volumes with raw power and a beat that drives the point the rapper is trying to make as an opening. It’s like a kick to a locked door before rushing in and taking no prisoners, solid in the approach, and smooth through the ending, a well-placed starting point for a hip hop record that truly goes through several defining lines.

It’s not all harsh and heavy handed, T.Lee knows how to flow through various moods, beats, and rap styles. You’ll be surprised how he a story can unfold from introspection to commentary on love, life, and so much more. Just when you think you figured out everything, the record takes a left turn and a new picture is painted for you, which is usually reserved for the best rappers. It’s during the flows that come through with “Right Now”, “Henny Hardaway”, and “Warrior” that introduce you to variations on several lyrical positions.

There’s expertise found here that definitely shines light on the prowess of T.Lee’s voice. He finds a way of mixing up hip hop beats with mainstream swagger and lyricism that is definitely more than just your standard release. You’re going to want to listen to this record twice or three times in one sitting because there’s so much found here. Lyrically sound, beats that shift, and flow that will hit you hard. “Before The Overpower” is one of hip hop record you have to check out, it’s a good new release and something that you are going to definitely want to recommend to others as well. T.Lee is making solid moves and pushing some incredible lyrical elements, and tracks that stand out amidst a crowded hip hop marketplace.

Check out the official T.Lee website here, and hear what very well may be your next favorite hip hop record. It’s one of the best release in 2014, especially with so much power in the lyrical presentation. Don’t miss out.

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