Sunday, December 7, 2014

Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime EP Review

Anti-Flag released this EP entitled “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime” after tragedy struck their band. It was in 2007 when the bass player’s sister and boyfriend were murdered. That tragedy left the band with heavy hearts, and they took to the studio to record a few songs and give the proceeds to “The Center for Victims of Violence and Crimes”. The release marked 5 new songs from the band, and mixed reviews from critics. The critics should’ve been beaten for giving this less than stellar reviews, considering the intentions of the band, the solidarity of giving the funding away and the tragedy that struck.

None the less, people still want to review this record as an absolute Anti-Flag release. The strength of “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime EP” really hinges on the back story and the political, social movement that the band has been promoting since they first started. Even today, they push on a heavy political focus and social conscious message that other punk bands may have abandoned. The record today sounds as good as ever, and the tracks that stand out are appealing on a lot of levels.

My personal favorites include “No Paradise”, “Corporate Rock Still Sucks”, and the live tracks of “1 Trillion Dollars”, “Turncoat”, and “911 For Peace”, bring out a disc that is still as viable as it was when it first came out. Anti-Flag fans that have not picked this up, should do so. You receive a total of 12 tracks, 5 new songs, 7 total initial tracks, and 5 live tracks, making this a definite purchase and collector’s item for punk fans.

The only downside, is that this wasn’t pressed in vinyl. However, there are plenty of Anti-Flag vinyl records here, and you may find some of the tracks on there. I used to have “Bright Lights of America” in colored wax, but sold it in 2011. “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime EP” is a solid record to pick up via disc or download, so get to it.

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