Thursday, June 26, 2014

Queen City Heist Takes On Several Genres With Swagger and Grace

Queen City Heist is a band that you will immediately fall in love with. From the vocal style of the singer to the music mix, you will find that they bring about passion in every step of their musical saturation. They mix genres from rock to blues and even a bit of soul. But just because they are in the arena of all those genres, doesn’t mean that they have forgotten what makes them all work so well, and it shines through their tracks. I was amazed at how the production works within their sound, and trumps a great deal of demos that I’ve recently had to trudge through and haven’t updated on the site yet. I try to focus on the good, but some of the recent offerings to come across my desk have been far beyond repair. By the time I heard Queen City Heist’s music, I was ready for something grand and they truly deliver.

They’ve released an official EP and so far it’s a solid break through. The song “Let Me Love You” is my favorite of the EP so far and I love the highs and the lows. The mix is solid, with the lyrical soul coming through in such a powerful way. It grips you, and Queen City Heist’s singer seems to be speaking to just you. Or in my case, just me, as it flows through a sort of seduction that is hard to pull off in modern music. She does it well enough and captures my imagination through the lyrical progress.

The other tracks, “Lies” and “Tangerine Dream” are also solid numbers, and really showcase how well the band has come together for this initial offering. The mix can be rough, but you get the power of the vocals, and the genre meshing throughout, which is a breath of fresh air. I like it a lot, and really appreciate the vocals and sound mixing here. You never feel like one is overpowering the other, which is usually the problem with independent releases. You’ll find that this record fits well with many other genre meshing bands, but really stands out on its own accord.

Queen City Heist has started a fire here, and one that is definitely getting my attention. I can’t wait to hear more from the band as this is definitely a good stepping stone to greatness.

You can follow them on twitter here, catch them on facebook here, and keep up to date and listen to them on their official website here.

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