Friday, June 13, 2014

J.P. Kallio Draws You A Picture of Life, Love, and Struggle on Read Between The Lines

J.P. Kallio’s latest record “Read Between The Lines” takes a powerful approach to music. It’s a classic gem of acoustic and folk, done with a sincere voice that you’re not going to find with other releases. I found this one to be eclectic, and quite melodic in nature. From the first track “Apple” I knew I was in for an emotional ride. Take the power of Frank Turner, and mix in a little Chuck Ragan with the honesty of Pedro The Lion and you’ll start to see what J.P. Kallio has to offer on this recording. It’s not a sappy acoustic record, it’s more of a grown up, sensible record on par with even Johnny Cash’s early work. Although, this one is not about killing a man in Reno or having a few minutes left to go before they’re hung. The point is you get an eclectic mix of songs on this, and all of them seem to paint a portrait of any man’s life, but more importantly, J.P. Kallio’s poetic writing style.

There’s a bit of a country tone at times, as you get a twang here and there, although it’s not abrupt or genre defining. There’s just such an introspection to the lyrics that you feel as though this is a much larger record, but it’s an independent one with a lot of attention paid to the lyrics. Right when you figured it out, J.P. Kallio brings you a track like “Back Home” and you start to think about your own life along the sounds and sentences well placed throughout the picture that you’re painted.

This is quite the release, as you definitely get a feel for the style of music J.P. Kallio brings to the present. It’s full of life, and full of hope at times. It’s a record that definitely will pair well with a cup of coffee and a sunset. It’s this kind of record that is missing in the mainstream, in my opinion. I definitely enjoy it. Stand out tracks include, “Apple”, “Back Home”, “Read Between the Lines”, “Knocked Down”, and “Cardboard Box”. It’s an important record, and one that should be heard by everyone out there. Give this one a spin, you won’t regret it.

Learn more about J.P. Kallio’s music by clicking here for his official website. You can also follow him on twitter here, and check out his official facebook page here.

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