Friday, June 6, 2014

Matthew James Allen Combines Poetry and Melody on Don’t Let Go

Matthew James Allen is going to be a name that you want to remember. Write it down, as you are going to be hearing great things from him. This singer/songwriter is from Texas and has brought together a sense of poetry and melody in his latest single “Don’t Let Go” that sends a true shock to the heart. It’s an introspective track that is on par with what you would expect from the likes of Pedro The Lion, Damien Rice, and Sufjan Stevens. Even though you can feel similar vibes coming from those artists, this is all new, and something that has the creative spark that you don’t always get from acoustic music. There’s a good mix of emotional complexity with the musical notes that comes across as sincere.

In some ways it reminds me of Coolfield, Copeland, or even Brandtson, as the melody moves through the emotional connection of the lyrics to create a very nuanced approach. It’s this type of song writing that made the emo genre so tangible for me in college, but not to the parody level that many people want to pull the idea into. It’s not “emo” in the sense that it’s weepy, but rather powerful in an emotional manner, and yet it’s only a single. That’s what makes this quite interesting, as you’re getting a taste of the artist’s musicianship in just a taste.

Pay attention to the date of June 17th, 2014 as you’ll be able to get this single released from Artistry Entertainment Group. The track is produced, recorded, and mixed by Frank Pryor (Award Winning Producer by the way), and you know what, it’s a good one. I had to listen to it several times because just when I thought I had it nailed down, I found something new. It didn’t hurt that my new cat digs the song too. Oddly enough, my kitten (4 weeks old) isn’t much of a metal head, despite her name being Ronnie (after DIO). That’s ok, because Matthew James Allen somehow found a way to soothe the savage beast. I like the track, I think the artist is going places. If you’re into acoustic, folk, pop, rock, or any genre for that matter, give this one a spin.

You can learn more about Matthew James Allen on his official Facebook page here, and get the record as well as more info from Artistry Entertainment Group by clicking here. I’m digging the sound, and style of this song. You will too.

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