Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saul Behan-Dunne Warms The Soul on You Keep Me Warm

I’m a fan of acoustic music, and Saul Behan-Dunne brings out one amazing single on “You Keep Me Warm”, his latest work of magic. The song utilizes a very unique style, relying on finger picking on the guitar, which comes out clean and poignant as the vocals come in. The lyrics are what you’d expect, but the way they are performed and mixed in with the guitar work is just amazing. The song carries you through several emotions, and delivers a solid mix of folk and rock melodies with a stripped down feel.

You could easily see yourself enjoying a hot cup of coffee while listening to this in the background of your morning routine. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, or you’re on your porch, you’ll enjoy the song. It feels so much larger than an independent release, giving off a sense of professionalism that is sometimes missing from independent releases. The attention to details with the song structure and vocals makes this a good song from Saul Behan-Dunne, and it’s definitely going to stick with you long after you listen to it.

Imagine some of the same ideas that Dashboard Confessional broke out with a decade ago and you begin to feel the emotion here, only with a far more technical guitar frame. I like the song, it comes across sincere and well worthy of your time. I recommend you taking note, as this is most likely the beginning of something grand from this artist.

You can listen to “You Keep Me Warm” and other projects from Saul Behan-Dunne via Sound Cloud here. You can also check out his official twitter page here, follow on facebook here, and check out this Youtube Channel in anticipation of a video for this song and more. This is a good start to a great acoustic record, that’s for sure. Oh, and don't forget to check out the official Saul Behan-Dunne page here, and keep up to date with the latest music.

For Saul's other projects, you can check out The Sigh Company.

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