Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stan G Creates An Iconic Track For Cinematic Glory on Little India - Oola

When Stan G’s song “Little India – Oola” remixed track my whole world turned dark for a moment. Not in a bad way, it was because I could see this fitting in an iconic cinematic manner. The sounds that come through at first are incredible, harmonic, eclectic, beautiful, and utilizes the best aspects of electronic music in a manner that completely stunned me. I feel that this is definitely one of the strongest electronic tracks that I’ve heard in a long time. Then comes in the vocals and this is better than the first time I heard The Postal Service or Kavinsky.

I was completely impressed with the way the song moves from iconic rhythms to softness, vocals that are strong, melancholy lyrics, and an area of thoughtful perception towards the end. It is a track that flows through several different aural states and puts you at ease throughout. Regardless of what genre of music you like, this will draw you in with a sense of spiritual design. There’s an eclectic nature to this, one that can fit easily into Japanese animation, or even RPG’s from the 32-bit era, FMV style. There’s just so much that works here on a cinematic level for me.

In the end, Stan G remixes this one into a wonderful display of precision sound, electronic rhythms, and beautiful vocals layered across several audio channels. I definitely enjoyed it, as it feels so much larger than just one track. It truly feels as though it belongs in an iconic sequence in a movie, my movie, my life, I love it. Check it out.

You can hear “Little India – Oola” Remix by clicking here. You’ll love it, I know I did.

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