Friday, February 19, 2016

Underlined Passages Introduces A Must Have Rock Record With The Fantastic Quest

I’m not alone in saying that I’ve given up on rock radio. They never seem to break new bands, and they focus on the same old 10 hits from 1991. They are missing out on bands such as Underlined Passages, that are putting out catchy, melodic rock music. While this isn’t the type of rock that is going to smash your head in with distortion, it’s a throwback in a way to the alternative era of music from the early 1990s, and no, I don’t mean the Seattle heavy groups. “The Fantastic Quest” is the latest record from Underlined Passages and it is already one of my favorite releases this year.

A Union of Melody and Musical Integrity

The first comparisons that I started to pick out from the band took me back to The Juliana Theory and Sunny Day Real Estate. The band has found a way to get the same ethos that they put out, and mixed a little bit of early Jimmy Eat World and Nada Surf to create their own sound. If you liked those bands, then this is easily going to fit into your playlist without worry. There is a unique component of drums, bass, and guitar that float through catchy choruses and interesting lyrical elements. “Everyone Was There” for instance, should be a college radio break out, had this been 1994. There’s something to the track, but it’s not just this one, there’s a lot to this record.

A High Quality Rock Record Awaits

While you get an easy flowing rock sound through “Calamine”, “Arabesque”, and “Everyone Was There”, the band settles into changes through “Rearview Blue”, which could very well be my favorite track from the record. It’s this type of free flowing record that many music fans keep longing for, and yet aren’t finding in the mainstream. It’s a breath of new life, fresh air, and earnest musical landscapes that makes this one a stand out. “The Fantastic Quest” bridges the gap between pop and rock and throws it into a blender, smoothing out the pieces.

Breaking The Indie Mold

There are moments when you close your eyes while listening to the record and you swear it’s Two Thirty Eight, or B-Sides from Sunny Day Real Estate, but the band breaks the mold, and creates a rich tapestry of rock sound. It’s indie, but produced with a lot of love and careful clarity. It’s a seriously catchy, rock infused record, and it demands your attention. It’s one of the finest records to come out this year, in my humble opinion, picking up the slack of a somewhat slow start in music.

Check out Underlined Passages via their official website here.

Listen to more music by Underlined Passages via Bandcamp here

Follow the band via Twitter here, and Tumblr here.

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