Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hazy Dreams Brings About A Serious Instrumental With Living The Dream

There’s a lot of great music out there online today, and if you take a little bit of time to seek them out, you’ll find greatness. One example comes from the band Hazy Dreams. The band has created an intriguing instrumental rock song that is going to absolutely send you to all new heights. Regardless of what genre you love most, you should listen to the finer points of "Living The Dream" by Hazy Dreams.

Overall, the sound is crisp, the arrangement is interesting, and leads you through various soundscapes overall. This is the type of track you listen to once, and then starts to absolutely fill your dreams, your thoughts, and mind. It’s simple at first glance, but over time it starts to sprout wings, and you really get a feel for the nuances of the instruments.

Often times, with instrumentals, they get repetitive and boring. But when you listen to "Living The Dream" by Hazy Dreams, the mold gets shattered. The guitar work, percussion, and follow through is well timed. Right when you think you’ve figured out what is coming next, a subtle change comes through and it’s never out of place. That’s the true treasure here, the turns aren’t break neck, yet they are there, and they take you through a journey of sound.

Close your eyes and listen to "Living The Dream" by Hazy Dreams and you could very well be taken away to another time and place. I had to take several listens to it because it just has so many layers. It’s this type of music that really speaks volumes to the talent that is getting published online. Hazy Dreams really puts together a solid instrumental track here. It’s fun. It’s eclectic, and it is very well arranged.

Check out Hazy Dreams "Living The Dream" and get lost in the eclectic instrumental track.

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